FBI Cointelpro Stalking Sarah Degeyter: linked assaut, beating and rape II


GOD is with us.

Part Two:

The government stalking that I experience, became apparent in my life at the exact time of my father David Degeyter’s sudden death in November 2015. I have since suspected my former stepmom Mary Edith David Degeyter and my former spouse, Michael Nelson Phillips Jr. of foul play, involving my father’s death. It is my opinion that my father was poisoned, murdered, and immediately creamated for fraudulent life insurance money.. It is also my opnion, tha my mothers younger brother, Timothy W. Peake, who also passed suddenly and mysteriously, shortly after my father passed, was also killed for fraudulent life insurance.

I have been living in constant fear for 6 years now, I have lived at over 2 dozen residences in the past years, and spent 4 months living out of my Lexus with my dogs.

each and every place that I move to, I am tortured and stalked by my neighbors, people that I have never met, and know nothing about.

The organized staking follows me wherever I go.

I take pictures, save conversations, email hacking, evidence of phone hacking, inappropriate conduct by police officers, and everything else related.

In addition to the physical stalking, home breakins, and neigbors harassing me, I am viciously stalked online.

My facebook and Google accounts are constantly hacked. For the past 6 years I have documented the locations of the users and their IP addresses hacked into my accounts, and I constantly study and research the various ways that these hackers are gaining access to my privacy.

It is my opinion that I am a victim of government funded Human Trafficking.

As time goes on, my human trafficking has only gotten worse.

In the last 6 years, I have documented my former stepmom “Edie Degeyter” and my former spouse “Mike Phillips”, my stepmoms family who has government connections, (my former stepmoms father is “Buddy Davis” who is Texas legend of sorts, an olympic gold medalist, Aggie, worked for the Jefferson County Texas Sheriff’s Department, was a banker, and retired working at FEMA. I have also found ex-coworkers of my ex husbands, hacked into my personal facebook and google accounts. Previously, before my marriage to Mike N. Phillips Jr. of Bossier City, LA, he was investigated for insurance fraud.

6 years ago, after my Dads murder and the stalking was so intense and impossible to ignore, it was my opinion that the motive behind the organized stalking, was solely to intimate me from coming forward to authorities, about the evidence I had about my stepmom and ex husband murdering my father.

However, in the last 9 months, and based on my own research and discovery of my own identity stolen, I have come to realize that the motive for my organized stalking is for murder and life insurance fraud.

I discovered in March 2020, shortly before I was brutally assaulted and raped at gun point at 115 N. Carolina St. in Houston, Texas, that my social security number is being used on the dark web, lines of credit have been taken out in my name, and my medical identity has been stolen. The starting point of my identity theft, dates back 20 years ago.

i have spoken with fraud specialist at Equifax and Experian, and I was told that the aspects of my identity theft are consistent with organized crime and life insurance fraud.

My current theory, as a motive for this organized stalking, is that of isolating me, by making me appear to be crazy, using smear campaigns, and slander, to defame my character, leaving me friendless and all alone. If I am alone when I suddenly die of “natural causes”, no one will be there to notice or question my death and the cause of it. If I am isolated and deemed as “crazy” when I die, no one will be there to notice a fraudulent death claim rewarded on my life.

I was wrongfully added to a government terrorist watchlist, and false dossiers have obviously been created in my name. How else can so many neighbors and people that I have never met, become so eagerly and passionately involved in harassing and stalking me? How could so many people just sit back and watch an innocent women go through the lengths of torture that I have managed to survive?


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