FBI Cointelpro stalking and linked assault, beating and Rape Part I



This is the true-life account, written by Sarah R. Degeyter, a victim of government funded organized stalking, fraud, identity theft. This is the detailed account of being harassed and cyber-stalked by neighbors, at 115 N. Carolina St., in Houston, Texas, in the 5 months prior to the night of March 24th, 2020, when this victim barely survived a home-invasion, assault, strangulation, rape at gun point, and grand theft robbery.


My dog Bruno would pace back and forth, starring at the floor and pawing at the tiles. He constantly alerted me to what was happening outside of the rental house, that I shared with my younger brother David, at 115 N. Carolina St. in Houston, Texas, from November 2019 through March 2020.

I was viciously terrorized and harassed by my neighbors at 115 N. Carolina St. non stop.

I knew none of my neighbors prior to moving to 115 N. Carolina St.

One night, in early March of 2020, around 3:00AM, I looked out my bedroom window and saw people running across my front yard, over to the abandoned house next door, at 120 N. Carolina St., and passing through the hedges, that seperated my house and he abandoned house. I saw people passing through the fencing, that seperated the two properties, and that was intentionally rolled back. I saw people holding up flashlights for one another, as they passed through the hedges.

At the time, seeing this made me feel as if I was in the middle of a wild dream, I was wide awake.

My RV was parked in the driveway of my house, and often, if I looked out of my bedroom window in my house, I could see someone standing in the window of my RV.

My friend, Richard, came to pick me up for a dinner one evening in January of 2020, and saw someone standing in the window of my RV. When he came to my front door and alerted me to what he just saw, I was alarmed and I asked Richard to rush back out to my yard, and to my RV, to catch whoever was there. However, by the time he got there, the person had run off.

While standing in my front yard, I could see people hiding in the bushes in my back yard, and in broad daylight. My dogs barked non stop. Often times, I could hear my dogs screaming in the back yard, as if someone was hurting them. Often, I would find my beloved dogs running loose out on the street, as someone had deliberately let them out of their kennels.

My garage was broken into constantly, and my brand new washing machine was vandleized. One morning, I woke to discover my entire garage flooded with water, and a golf ball size hole had been punctured through the bottom of my washing machine.

Every time I would leave, people would break inside of my house. I went through a small fortune, replacing and changing out the locks on my doors and windows. I have yet to find a lock that these very skilled government criminals who stalk me, can not “Pick” or “Bump”.

Everything that I acquire, either gets destroyed by way of vandelism, or stolen out of my home.

No matter what the length of time that I am gone from my home, or what security efforts are taken to secure my entry ways, evidence of superticious entry is always present, upon my return home.

The intruders slice holes in my new boots, leave gashes in door and walls with knifes (as a reminder to me, that they had been inside my home while I was gone), they tear of my clothes in my closet, steal my jewlery, go through my files, put chemicals in my panties and bras, and put chemicals in open food, that is inside of my refridgerator.

Every new lock that I buy and replace on my doors, gets broken into within 24 hours.

Every security camera system that I put up in an on the outside of my home, gets hacked and the images are either removed or altered.

The technology that comes with these government funded, organized criminals, is far too advanced for an average person to keep up with or even with stand a fair shot at fighting back.

Calling the police was not an option at 115 N. Carolina St. One month prior to moving to this rental house with my brother David, I paid Attorney Charles Johnson in Houston, Texas, $3500 to transfer my probation from Jefferson County Texas to Harris County Texas, after I failed to report to a probation meeting with my probation officer, in October of 2019, due to stalking related issues, that were no fault of my own.

(Previously, in November of 2018, I plead guilty, to a crime that I did not commit, and received a 4 year-deferred-adjudicated-probation sentence. I plead guilty and accepted this probation, because at the time, I felt as if I had no other options)

Up until October of 2019, I had done well wit reporting to adult probation in Beaumont, Texas. My probation officer had even suggested to me, ha he would recommend to the court that I be released early from the term, due to my good behavior.

I hired the Charles Johnson Law Firm in Houston, Texas, in October 2019, and paid the firm $3500 with my VISA debit card. I have the $3500 contract, between myself and the Johnson Law Firm, that outlines our agreement of me paying the firm $3500 in exchange for them to “fix my probation issue” and “transfer my probation to Harris County Texas”.

Attorney Charles Johnson of Houston, Texas, never contacted my probation officer or the adult probation office in Jefferson County Texas, and thus a warrant was issued for my arrest, for “obsconding” from my probation sentence.

I documented and backed up copies of all correspondance with Attorney Charles Johnson and his paralegal Deborah.

I asked Johnson to refund my $3500, as he had breached our contract. Johnson agreed to refund my money by way of check, in the mail, however a refund check was never mailed. The Charles Johnson Law Firm will not return my messages.

Later, when the stalking at 116 N. Carolina St. escalated so badly, and I discovered Johnson’s home address, as one of the many of the many addresses hacked into my personal Google accounts, I knew that this breach of contract, that resulted in a warrant for my arrest, had all been done on purpose, to isolate me and make me scared to leave my home, for fear of being arrested if I were to be pulled over while driving my truck.

My greatest fear was being arrested and thrown in jail, and thus losing the rest of my possessions to these sick criminals, and I feared most of all, for the lives of my dogs, who were my only friends and only source of comfort, throughout the last 6 years of my horrific government funded, organized stalking.

I documented the conversations with Attorney Charles Johnson, where I specifically expressed that my greatest concern in this world, was for the welfare of my beloved dogs.

Everything going on around me, seemed as if it lined up with the agenda of these stalkers wanting to isolate me and keep me in constant fear.

Isolation and constant fear, has been a constant in my life for the past years, or since the sudden and mysterious death of my father, David Degeyter, in November of 2015.

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