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November 16, 2020 Beaumont, Texas
To whom it may concern,
My name is Sarah R. Degeyter and I am currently in custody at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility in Beaumont, Texas, as a result of legal malpractice and breach of contract by Attorney Charles R. Johnson Jr. of Houston, Texas.
I am a 6 year survivor of organized stalking, that includes violent crime, home-invasions, aggravated assault, rape at gun point, cyber stalking, identity theft, medical identity, racketering, and grand theft robbery I am also a recipient of the Texas Attorney General’s Victim’s Compensation Fund.
In November of 2018, I plead guilty to a crime that I did not commit in Jefferson County Texas, and was sentenced to 4 years deferred adjudicated probation in Beaumont. I did well on my probation. I paid my fines, reported to my probation officer, did my community service work, and stayed out of trouble. However, the organized stalking and related crimes that are constant in my life, became too severe for me to live in Jefferson County Texas.
In October of 2019, I hired Attorney Charles Johnson and his Law Firm in Houston, Texas, to help me transfer my probation to a different Texas County, where I could be closer to my family and be safer. I paid Attorney Johnson $3,500.00 with my VISA debit card, and I have receipts of this transaction, as well as a contract. In addition, I documented the conversation between myself and Johnson’s paralegal Deborah, where it was clearly determined what type of work Johnson was to do for me, in exchange for $3,500.00 payment.
Attorney Johnson and his paralegal lied to me, and he breached his contract. He never contacted the court or the probation office in Beaumont on my behalf, thus a warrant was issued for my arrest for “Obsconding”.

In January of 2020, I documented Attorney Charles Johnson promising to refund my $3,500.00 by way of check, sent to me in the mail. Johnson told me this via text messages, from his personal cell phone, to my own. I saved this conversation, and it is time and date stamped. Several weeks went by, and no check from Johnson arrived in the mail. I tried to contact Johnson again, but my calls and texts were blocked.
I then made efforts to retain new council in early 2020, however the COVID-19 pandemic had escalated, and the courts and law offices closed, as did almost every business in this country.
Then, the most devastating setback of all happened, on March 24th 2020, I survived a home invasion when 3 masked men broke into my home. I was strangled, raped at gun point, robbed of my valuables and electronics, and lost my pretty and paid-for red Ford F150 pickup truck in grand theft robbery. During the crime I was certain that I was going to die. The man who raped me, told me that he was “going to blow my head off”. It was by God’s grace that I survived. A real miracle of God.
I was awarded relocation reimbursement by the Texas Attorney General’s Victim’s Compensation Fund, and I moved to Fort Worth, Texas to be near my Mom ad 2 brothers. In spite of all this, the organized stalking continued in Fort Worth.
On September 12th, 2020, I was arrested in Tarrant County Texas, and then later transferred to Jefferson County Correctional Facility. As I write this letter, I have been in custody as an innocent person for 65 days.
On October 29th, 2020 I hand wrote a letter to Attorney Charles Johnson, and I asked him in this letter to refund my $3,500.00. I gave Johnson a time frame of 10 days to comply with my request, as this is per instruction given to me by the Texas State Bar. I mailed the hand written letter to my brother Jerry’s home in Fort Worth. My brother made copies of the letter and envelope, and then sent the letter to Johnson’s Law Firm in Houston, via $25.00 signature upon delivery, certified mail. Johnson had until November 13th, 2020 to mail a refund check. As of today’s date of November 16th, 2020, no check has arrived.
The stalking that I have survived over the last 6 years, is being carried out an organized crime ring, with government affiliations. My opinion is that the motive of this organized stalking is fueled by identity theft and life insurance fraud.
My cell phones, email accounts, Facebook, and home WIFI are constantly hacked into, and no matter how many times I buy a new phone, change my passwords, or invest in online security, no efforts prove to be effective at keeping these hackers out of my life. I document everything, such as the IP addresses and locations of the users illegally hacked into my privacy.
In July of 2020, I documented Attorney Johnson hacked into my personal Google account, from a house that he owns in Houston.
In addition, I have documented over the last 6 years, my online data and internet searches are being altered and manipulated, by a third party.
I contacted my wireless carrier T-Mobile, after discovering over 3 dozen phone numbers that I have never seen, making calls and texts from my cell phone number. T-Mobile customer service agents suggested to me that this type of activity is consistent with identity theft, phishing, and improper and illegal use of a “Stingray” device used by law enforcement for surveillance purposes. The T-Mobile customer agents that I spoke with, informed me that a crime report was being filed on my behalf with the FBI.
When I was raped and robbed at gun point in March 2020, I called 911. The Houston Police Department and EMS responded and I was treated with a rape exam kit, by a forensic nurse at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas.
Two detectives were assigned to my case, detective Gary Goodnight and detective Ricardo Johns.
One day after the violent rape and grand theft robbery, I saw my rapist standing in front of a property owned by someone I had previously documented, hacked into my personal Google account, and home WIFI. I took pictures of my rapist. A friend named Richard Lighthouse was with me at the time that I saw my rapist, and he also took pictures A an next door gave a statement to my friend Lightouse, and said that he personally knows the man who raped and robbed me at gun point, and the man provided us with the information that my red Ford F150 had been recovered by HPD, at this exact location, just hours before.
I immediately contacted detective Gary Goodnight with this information, and I emailed the detective the pictures that I had just taken of my rapist, and I also emailed Goodnight the evidence I had collected prior to the rape and robbery, of my home WIFI and email hacked by the same people.
It has been close to 8 months since this horrific crime happened, and no warrants or arrests have been made on the case. My case was signed off to detective Johns at HPD, and periodically I check in with detective Johns, and I am told that there are no updates and that they are waiting on “DNA results and can not make arrests”.
This makes no sense at all to me. How is it in this great state of Texas, that an innocent woman sits in jail for 65 days and counting, while being a victim of fraud and violent crime, all while violent criminals walk free, and suffer of no consecquence for the crimes that they commit, and the innocent lives that they destroy?
The negligence and malpractice by Attorney Charles Johnson has caused me tremendous suffering, as with 65 days and counting of my life lost, and $3,500.00 of my hard earned money stolen.
I am uncertain, at this point, of how to get help, the than to write letters. I am in great need of legal assistance and a crime victim’s advocate. I need help pursing justice for these horrific crimes that I have survived. I am not a criminal, by any means. I contribute to society, rather than take from it.
I live in constant fear, because I am unsure of where to go for help, or how to keep these criminals from continuing to hurt me.
As I mentioned before, I have documented much of the cyber-stalking and other related crimes, as they have occurred over the years, and I have gone to great lengths, to back up all of my documentation and evidence, and I have it all ready in files to be handed over to prosecutors.
I pray tat this letter falls into the hands of someone who can help me, find the road to justice.
My probation revocation hearing is set to be heard on December 1st, 2020 and the Honorable Judge West’s District Court, in Jefferson County Texas. I have written letters to the court, and to my probation officer, and have told the about my innocence, and spoke of the crimes of fraud that I have suffered from. I do expect my probation to be reinstated at my hearing on December 1st, 2020. I have also written the court cordinator, Kelly, and have formally requested that the date of my hearing be moved up to a date before the Thanksgiving holiday, however I have not yet received a reply. I hired Attorney Rife Kimbler, of Beaumont to represent me, and I have asked Rife to formally ask the court to push my court date forward, however Attorney Rife Kimbler has not yet complied with my request.
Thank you for your time.
Sarah Degeyter email : cell (409) 656-7431 mailing address: 6844 Fortune Rd. Fort Worth, Texas 76116

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