FBI Cointelpro Linked Stalking: Keith Lankford

In 2012 there was a FBI and Police raid on my property located at 6045-6059 Blackberry Street Anchorage Alaska, the warrant was for tenant of mine, (Steve Landers.) Steve was renting an upstairs mother in law apartment in a separate house on the property, 4-5 other homes and businesses were raided on that day in Anchorage as part of this operation. I had known the tenant (Steve) for 36 years at that time. There were about 35-40 agents on my property for close to nine hours. There was cannabis found in the garage under the apartment Steve was renting, I had knowledge of past activities of Mr Landers which led me to tell him repeatedly to never bring contraband that was intended to be grown, bought of sold on my property. The cannabis found on my property was brought to the residence on the night before the raid.

Anchorage Alaska

I awoke the next morning and as I started my truck, many vehicles on the street where I lived had their headlights come on, they then closely followed me. No matter where I went, how fast or slow, I had what seemed to be a convoy now in pursuit. This did no end, this was not covert surveillance, this was a action taken by government officials to let me know I was watched every minute of every day. This has now continued for over eight years through many states. This is terrorism, no criminal charges were ever filed against me yet I am being persecuted year after year.

I will link the court cases to names below: I have not yet found the 2016 case against Mr Landers linked to the raid on my property where he was arrested.

In 2016 the FBI contacted me concerning what had been a friend/ acquaintance of 44 years, they said that the Steve Landers had stated that I was involved in a conversation with him and John Vendetti, Steve had stated to the FBI that John had said that he had sex with a minor, (his cousin.) I have a very good memory and this conversation had never occurred and I had no reason to believe these allegations were true. This is after Steve’s alleged release from federal imprisonment, (I did not keep track of his case as I was angered he had brought this into my life and I was now being stalked.)
Before the contact in 2016 with FBI, John had stated that he was receiving letters with block writing trying to blackmail him for a large sum of money, we had came to the conclusion that this might have been Steve, the threat was to send more block letter letters to his surrounding neighbors unless the payment was received. Although I had no reason to believe the allegations about John at the time, he later made a statement that made me question his views on such a thing. (Questioning if the legal age of having sexual relations with a child was appropriate. My response was, you have to set a age limit that is law, and 18 seemed reasonable to me.)
Both Steve and John had been arrested for cannabis production prior to the 2012 raid on my property, Steve about 4-5 years prior, John about 7-8 years prior, they both called me as the police raided there properties looking for advice. I did have knowledge of activities, yet had not profited in any way from the business dealings of these people. Growing cannabis at that time in Alaska was illegal for the quantity of plants that were being produced.
No charges were ever filed against me at any time.
It was within months of the FBI contact in 2016 when the all out assault began on my life and property. I soon after fled to Texas where in Spring once again I found the clerk at the store closest to my home stating that two FBI agents had arrived shortly after my last trip there to ask questions about me. There is no doubt the FBI has always been linked very closely to the stalking and terrorism that has followed me 24/7 since 2012, as well as the surveillance that had watched over me for many years prior.

Keith Lankford FBI COINTELPRO terrorism victim

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