Baucom RV Park 6213 Garden Acre Drive

In a constant effort to silence this story, videos appear to be being blocked. I will also post links to the channels and try to replace content as it is manipulated.

Sarah rented a RV spot at this location hoping to escape the stalking that seems to follow her everywhere she goes. To be beaten and assaulted, Raped in Houston Texas, then flee to Fort Worth hundreds of miles away only to find the place she resides at surrounded by individuals that seem to want to harass her 24/7 seems nearly an impossibility.

After seeing the many pictures of the stalking she had encountered when she first arrived in Fort Worth it was hard for me to believe that this was not happening. After her arrival at this RV park she communicated her situation which left little doubt it had once again resumed. This is when I can to Fort Worth to witness and document this.

The above pictures are of what would obviously appear to be stalking when Sarah 1st arrived in Fort the Worth

Upon arrival I found cars following me with their bright lights on anytime I left, as well as approaching traffic which also seemed to use their brights. Day or night in Arlington Texas.

When I left to go to the corner store on the first day of my arrival I found the side mirror on my car pushed it when I exited. I was away from my car less then 3-4 minutes.

I decided to stay next to her trailer and observe what was happening at her residence, Sarah has a few dogs that were either on a dog run or in an enclosed area at the entry of her RV. The first two nights there were numerous times that these dogs were alarmed and began barking, when I walked to the front of her RV, the barking would cease. So of course I started looking and listening for the cause of this. I recorded this as I went to further document what was happening.

What I found was neighbors on all three sides making noises on their property to incite the dogs to bark. This was just the beginning.

On the third day at her residence, the new renters of the spot right next to Sarah’s arrived, within hours the dogs were barking nonstop, hour after hour, when I would approach the front of her trailer I found these neighbors standing at their car, which was on view of the dogs. It must be realized that these dogs do not bark for no reason, as I also recorded many hours of silence at this park. I noted the interaction, and the fact that when I would walk and view the cause of the disturbance the barking would cease, only to resume in a hour or two.

The following morning I awake to constant barking, I took a table and chair and sat right next to Sarah’s RV feet from these neighbors, I was out of sight of the dogs. I started conversation with them, explaining the stalking and harassment that had occurred in Sarah’s life, they had little to say, yet as I sat there for close to 1 1/2 hours, oddly the dogs once again were completely quiet?

After talking to these renters, explaining the assault on Sarah, the noise harassment, horn honking ect in the early evening of 09/10/2020, these neighbors now began honking their horn intermittently in the evening.

When nightfall came, the dogs once again were agitated, as noted in recordings, I would state before I walked into view of the drive that as soon as I did, the barking would cease. It did.

What I observed was one of the neighbors in the rented space who were said to be Meth users, sitting in front of his RV flashing a light in this direction to apparently agitate the dogs resulting in the constant barking, as well as this neighbor there were three young adults that walked from a house to the right of the RV park back and forth to the suspected drug users RV.

Later that night the dogs were extremely agitated, I was ready, had one on a leash and he immediately ran to an area right in front of Sarah’s trailer and tracked a scent to the road where these three men were standing, as I approached they began walking to there alleged residence with me directly behind them, they entered their residence and I returned to Sarah’s RV. This has gone in till the present date 09/10/2020

I was relating these incidents to a friend I had met in Houston along with many other contacts I have, this friend, Jason Foust, offered to drive down from Louisiana to see if he could be of help.

Jason arrived on the night of 09/09/2020, he arrived late in the evening. Sarah was tired and sleeping, so we sat out and decided to have a few beers and observe the situation once again. Mainly just talking about these events and others over the incessant barking of the dogs. I was pretty used to this at this point so did not rush to put a stop to it, instead just enjoyed a few beers until it grew to agitate me enough to take action

So I told Jason I was going to put a stop to this and proceeded to walk to the front of Sarah’s trailer again, what I observed was a truck backed into the next door residence on the right of this RV park as you exited the driveway, the occupants of this vehicle were sitting in the truck flashing the brake lights on and off in an apparent effort to once again agitate these dogs to bark. As I approached the vehicle the occupant quickly drove off only to return later at night.

View from back of Sarah’s RV
RV next to Sarah’s, Daniel Dudden and GF/wife?

Below is a audio recording that sounded as if it came from the occupants of this RV honking. I was in front of Sarah Degeyters RV one space away. Their horn honking repeatedly on 11;16 PM 09/15/2020, my phone time is one hour off, that is why I said this occurred on the 16th. This followed the harassment and interaction with the neighbors and the above police recording.

I did talk to these neighbors after they moved in, I had awakened to the dogs barking, this went on for a couple of hours so I moved a table and chair to the side of Sarahs RV that faced these neighbors, they had been outside so I proceeded to talk to them, explaining the assault that had taken place in Houston. As soon as I had moved to this side of the RV which was out of the dogs sight, all barking stopped, and they remained silent for the 1 1/2- 2 hours I sat there. I had encountered the same commotion the previous night and when I went to the front of Sarahs RV I saw these neighbours by their car with flashlight which was apparently causing the dogs to bark.

After I saw the neighbors the night before, the dogs were silent again, I then moved a chair in view of the driveway where I could observe any activity. A lot of the constat commotion that was causing the dogs to bark was coming from neighbors walking between the RV at the end of the park, closest to the road to a house that is a few houses down the block, all the people walking back and forth carried flashlights that they would shine along the fence line which would cause the dogs to bark.

After Jason Foust had arrived later this week, once again constant barking led me to see what was causing this commotion late at night, I headed down the driveway after observing the pictured silver truck below backed into the drive at his residence, occupied with the occupant siting in the vehical flashing the brake lights on and off repeatedly, the flashing red lights were the cause of the commotion. As I viewed this as rather unsusual activity I was going to walk up to the truck to inquire about thus, and see if this action could be stopped as it was causing loud barking as residents were trying to sleep, as soon as I approached the truck it sped off and did not return till later this night. I soon found the occupants of the RV next to Sarahs which had stated that they had arrived from the Orange County and Riverside area of California having regular interaction with the residents of this property.

I had in conversation stated to these individuals that along with the apparent stalking that was being carried out against Sarah Degayter, I too, as well as Jason Foust were undergoing simular stalking, harassment like activities, these incidents seemed to follow us wherever we traveled, state to state, or city to city. I also informed them that I regularly now recorded these incidents and one of the forms of harassment was constant horn honking. (I will embed some of the video and audio documnteation to this at the bottom of this page.) Oddly enough, after I had mentioned this to the occupants of the neighboring RV they came out to their vehicle and procedded to honk their horn a few times, I was sitting watching so I approached them and inquired what the purpose of this honking was, this was a couple, the man was standing at the rear door on the driver side unloading something from the vehicle apparently, when approache as he stood with door open, he stated that he was locking his door, I thought this was odd for the door was open and he was still unloading, i mentioned this and he replied with a few sentences of profanity, and proceeded to honk the horn many more times. A package that was delivered to Sarahs and retured to the occupants of this RV lead me to believe the mans name is Daniel Dudden.

Suspected drug activity
Truck that was flashing brake lights at home next to the Baucom RV park as you exit towards the street. Shortly after I had reported the suspected to the police, the occupant of this house called the police on Sarah, reporting that she had taken a picture over his fence, the police came to the property and told Sarah that it is a new Texas law that you can not take a picture over a fence? This neighbor also stated that he was installing security cameras on his house to monitor activity at Sarahs,

Below: A few videos of the noise campaign that has followed me (Keith Lankford) from Alaska to California, Spring Texas, Harris County Texas, Texas City, Galveston Texas, The Woodlands Texas, and now to Arlington Texas.

Almost ran off the road by Mark Eddins in Arlington Texas

Below is one of the most well publicized cases of (GangStalking) or (Community Stalking.) As with the many innocent victims I know undergoing this terrorism, the high level of organization it takes to carry this out nationwide points to federal agencies being involved, no matter where the victim flees in an attempt to flee this and live a life free from a daily assault, they are instantly surrounded and the daily harassment and terrorism continues. The past programs ran by the FBI, CIA, etc are very simular to the program that is being carried out today, research has led the victims to believe Homeland Security, Fusion Centers, NSA, DOJ, FISA Courts, Infraguard, Citizen Corps, etc

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