The assault, beating and rape of Sarah Degeyter and links to possible HPD corruption

These are my opinions:
Sara was assaulted by 3 men approx 27 years old.   Crime occurred on Wed night around midnight.  Sarah talked to the rapist about an hour before the crime.
–  Charges should include:  Breaking and entering, Assault with deadly weapon, Grand theft auto, Rape, Robbery, Drug trafficking, making death threats, Conspiracy to commit felony crimes.

A drug house seems to be operating at 409 North Carolina, Sarah’s truck was run into the right corner of the drug house and the wheel ruts can be seen beside the house.  The truck was abandoned in a ditch across the street at approx. 420 N Carolina.  The police towed Sarah’s truck the next day.   

Casas Opportunity LLC
6101 Southwest Frwy, #400
Houston, TX 77063

This company owns more than 12 homes around Houston.  There are records of numerous lawsuits – mostly evictions.  See

 409 North Carolina is an obvious drug house.  You can watch from a block away in the afternoon –  cars will drive up in front of the house, and someone will walk up too the car and deal thru the window.

Sarah linked IP addresses of houses surrounding her too the Jones family. Gerry Jones is a former employee at Harris County Sheriffs Office.  This might be a connection to Citizen Corps.  Melvin Jones is possibly related – he lives at 428 North Carolina.

What is notable about the crimes, was how certain they were, that they could get away with them.  Darnell even invited Sarah to 432 North Carolina to smoke weed.

In my opinion, Detective Goodnight will attempt to cover up these crimes.  Police Chief Acevedo seems to be involved with Gangstalking at the DHS.  He goes to Washington DC regularly for the Advisory Board meetings at the DHS, and probably has a Top Secret clearance.  Citizen Corp is funded by the DHS and they are definitely involved in the Gangstalking.  Sarah has run trace routes for many months showing a Jones name following her online.


Sarah degeyter fled the Houston area as the stalking continued, as soon as she arrived in Fort Worth Texas it immediately resumed, she then fled to Texas City Texas where once again she encountered immediate stalking activities, witnessed by Keith Lankford. Soon after she traveled back to the Fort Worth area for more intense stalking/ terrorism. The harassment, stalking that took place at Baucom RV Park 6213 Garden Acre Drive were witnessed by Jason Foust and Keith Lankford who traveled to this area to document these activities.

Any stalking activity that could follow a woman over such great distances is highly organized as well as a well funded effort. As many witnesses in Sarahs life can testify to her being a victim of a modern day FBI Cointelpro operation, there is little doubt who is carrying out the assault on her life as well as taking part in the cover up of crimes committed by various state and federal corrupt officials.