Stalkers and Gawkers

After Fleeing constant Stalking, assaults, attempted murder, numerous assault with deadly weapons, rape, with no police intervention Sarah fled to Fort Worth Texas where the Stalking Continues.

For stalking by multiple people to continue as a person travels a great distance shows this is highly organized and is carried out by a group of criminals that has both the finances and connections to immediately resume their criminal activity wherever a victim flees.

This also shows the ability of these criminals to constantly track the victim to any location. In the US we have thousands and thousands of individuals reporting this same activity, and these individuals are naming the terrorist who are responsible for these crimes. Case after case of these crimes happening to innocent civilians leaves no doubt who is responsible, for the sheer enormity of this program leaves but one answer.

This is the Targeted Individual Program, ran by the NSA, Homeland Security, FBI, DOJ, CIA, Fusion Centrers, Freedom Corps, Citizen Corps, Infraguard, Police, Fire, EMS

As in my case with the stalking which has me from State to State, City to City, not only does the targeted individual receive no help from authorities, these authorities must be deeply involved in this for it to proceed in such a organized fashion carried out throughout the entire Country.

Studio 6 Fort Worth TX



IF these individuals are recognized please leave comment as to their identity. Please share this post to hopefully offer some safety to this innocent civilian being terrorized in the US by intelligence agencies and their criminal counterparts.

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