Sarah Degeyter: Assaulted with Baseball Bat

Assaulted with a softball bat in my home and robbed, suffered a broken hand and $1,000’s lost, but no help from Orange County Texas Sheriff Department, Orange, Texas, September 2018.

When an Orange County Sheriff Deputy arrived after receiving my 911 call, he unfortunately did not have a working ink pen for me to provide a statement. I had been assaulted by 3 people where I lived, while I laid helpless on my couch. One person had an aluminum softball bat and struck me with it. I used my hands to cover my head from the blow. I suffered a broken hand from this assault. In addition, all of my inventory for my upcoming women’s resale boutique, that I had stored in a bedroom at my residence, was all stolen the night of my assault. My hand painted furniture was trashed , and everything I had been planning and working towards was destroyed.

I contacted the Orange County Sheriff Department and had a 3 hour face to face interview with Detective Gary Hinton. I provided medical records from my broken hand being placed into a cast by Beaumont Bone and Joint Institute, proof of residency by way of an electric bill, videos of one of the attackers hurting my dog on a previous occasion, and a very detailed statement that provided the names of the people who assaulted and robbed me.

Prior to the night of my hand being broken, I had made 911 calls because I was being threatened and abused by the same people who assaulted me that night September night in 2018.

These people owned the property where I lived on Bessie Heights Rd. in Orange, Texas. Their names are Anthony “Tony” Montano, Joshua Montano, and Tony’s girlfriend Niki.

Many times I called 911, and each time I was treated like I didn’t matter.

The Montanos are violent criminals, and the Orange County Sheriff Department is well aware of that fact. However, when the Montanos assaulted and robbed me, it was if a free-pass was given to them, or that suddenly there were no laws in Texas to help an innocent woman who had been assaulted while sleeping on her couch.

Detective Gary Hinton sent me an email 2 weeks after our 3 hour face to face meeting. He told me that there was nothing he could do for me, and could not bring my case to the Orange County Texas District Attorney’s unless the Montanos came into his office and gave a confession. I would post a copy of that email from Detective Gary Hinton, but unfortunately my email was hacked and as hard as try, Google will simply not let me recover my hacked account.

Recently, via Facebook Messenger, Joshua Montano admitted that his Uncle Tony Montano did indeed assault me with a bat.

I saved the conversation and contacted Orange County Sheriff Department. I was told that Detective Gary Hinton was now retired, by someone named Jessica. Jessica got my call back info and said that she would have someone from the department call me back. The person that called me back was actually the same deputy who responded to my 911 call when I was assaulted. I told him that I had a recorded conversation with Joshua Montano admitting guilt. The deputy told me this would not suffice, and that the Montanos would need to come to the station to give a confession in person. The deputy also went on to inform me that there was no trace of my 3 hour interview with Detective Gary Hinton and no trace of my medical records or anything else I had previously submitted to the Orange County Sheriff Department.

I believe that a lovely angel named Janice Romero, who had recently passed on to Heaven, protected me that night from further harm. I believe that I’m lucky to be alive.

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